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One day I came across an article about a Pole - Romuald Koperski, who built a seagoing rowing boat with his own hands and rowed it across the Atlantic... After picking up my teeth from the floor, I contacted a friendly shipbuilder - Adam Hamerlik, the owner of Szkutnia po Godzinach, and I sold him the idea of ​​making a rowing boat, which can safety cross the Atlantic Ocean... As it turned out, Adam is well-versed in the subject and immediately suggested looking for a ready-made plywood project... After a few days of research, I became the happy owner of construction plans for such a vessel


It is a tradition that every crossing of the ocean has its primary goal... I wanted to dedicate my expedition to Maks. Maks is 4 years old and has been fighting encephalitis since birth and has had problems with harmonious development since the beginning of his life. He still has problems with balance, suffers from photophobia, sensory disturbances, lack of speech, and lack of energy. She is at the stage of development of a 1.5-year-old child. At the age of 6 months, he started having epilepsy attacks. Maks requires long-term and expensive treatment... For me, helping Maks is an additional driving factor that will certainly give me strength in difficult moments of the cruise. More information - WWW.MAKSYMILIANBIALOWAS.PL

Below you can find a big red button, which will take you to Maks's website, where you can donate this kid's parents to make his life easier. 


September 2022 - purchase of construction plans
March 2023 - start of construction in Szkutnia Po Godzinach workshop
Summer 2023 - boat tests on the Baltic Sea
November 2023 - start of the first stage from Alvor in Portugal to Canary Islands
December 2023 - departure from the Canary Islands to Guadeloupe @ Carribean


During construction, I use solutions from renowned manufacturers, and thanks to the pleasant and fruitful cooperation with our PARTNERS, I feel supported by competent people! What is worth the weight of life in such a project - literally :)

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